Commercial Real Estate Investing Explained

Create a lucrative investment portfolio by adding quality commercial real estate additions. Find out how to get started in this exciting investment strategy and learn the tips and tricks you need to make a successful investment portfolio. Whether you’re searching for financing for flipping houses or a series of commercial locations, here are the basics of selecting, purchasing, and financing property.

Commercial properties can be apartment buildings, office spaces, retail locations, or restaurant buildings. They are sold at a wide range of prices, depending on their size, use, and location. Other property options are also available, like farmlands, warehouses, malls, and hotels.

Investing in real estate offers you a hard asset. Unlike a stock portfolio, a commercial property portfolio is typically chosen as an income stream.

Some investors buy and sell properties using fix and flip loans, using hard money rehab loans. Others intend on renting apartments and leasing commercial space for years to come.

In addition to this income stream, commercial real estate is also a hard asset that appreciates over time. Purchase a commercial property this year and keep it in your portfolio for years. Over time, it will be worth more than you purchased it for. There are a number of factors that can affect this, such as the local economy and necessary repairs, but on average most properties appreciate in value.

Finding the ideal property takes work. Most investors rely on a professional realtor or a team of realtors to find the best properties at the best properties. Weigh the cost and repair needs versus the location and potential for rental income and appreciation.

Consider your financing options to find the best loans for flipping houses. After you work with a talented realtor to find an ideal investment property you need to find the necessary financing. There are a number of loan options available for your commercial property purchase. Compare business loans, no money down hard money lenders, commercial mortgages, bridge loans, asset-based financing, and SBA loans to find the ideal option for financing for flipping houses or for Rentals.

Get the best rates on your financing to enjoy long-term savings. Work with a professional financial institution to enjoy competitive terms to start your commercial real estate investment portfolio.


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