An Investor’s Guide to Securing Rental Property & Fix and Flip Loans Successfully in 2024!

Rental Property

“Real estate is the safest investment around. You can feel it, see it, and enjoy the cash flow or appreciation upside as housing demand only increases over time.” – Thomas J. Stanle.

As we’re already in the middle of 2024, real estate investing continues to show strong performance thanks to rate cuts and steady housing demand. Whether you’re looking to grow your rental property investment portfolio or take advantage of lucrative fix and flip loans, securing the right financing will be key to your success.

This comprehensive investor guide will explore top loan options and provide tips for selecting properties and loans that set you up for profitability. By following the strategies outlined here, real estate investors can confidently tackle new projects and succeed in the coming years.

Understanding Your Funding Options

Let’s start with the basics—what types of loans are available to real estate investors? The two most common are fix and flip loans and loans for rental property investments.

Fix and Flip Loans:

Also known as bridge loans, fix and flip loans are short-term loans designed to fund property rehabilitation projects that will be resold. They typically have interest-only payment plans and must be paid off within 6-12 months once the property is sold.

Lenders understand these loans carry more risk due to the short timeline, so rates tend to be higher at 12-14%, and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios range from 65-90%. Fix and flip projects can deliver strong profits when completed efficiently.

Rental Property Investment Loans

For long-term hold properties to be rented out, rental property investment loans provide more flexible terms. Amortization periods range from 10-30 years, so payments include a principal reduction for lower monthly costs. LTVs may extend to 80%, and rates currently average 6-8%. Multifamily and commercial rental properties qualify for even more attractive rates. Refinancing existing rentals can also access cash-out equity.

Top Loan Provider in Greenville, SC

When seeking either type of loan, it’s important to vet lenders thoroughly to find one that understands your objectives and can offer competitive options. One of the most reputable loan providers is:

VP Capital Lending

As a leading private lender, VP Capital Lending specializes in both fix and flip loans and rental property investment loans. Our streamlined process allows approvals in as little as 2 weeks on bridge loans and 3 weeks for buy-and-hold properties. Rates start below 11% for fix and flip and as low as 6% for longer-term rentals. We lend up to 90% LTV on excellent deals and are very flexible in underwriting. VP Capital’s customer service is also top-notch.

Strategies for Fix and Flip Success

Once funding is secured, savvy investors have additional steps to maximize profits from short-term property rehabilitation projects:

Do Thorough Due Diligence on Properties:

Take the time upfront to carefully research target neighborhoods, compile comparable sales data, and scrutinize properties for any latent issues. Get estimates for all anticipated repairs to avoid cost overruns. Thorough due diligence reduces risks and helps find deals that can achieve a solid ROI of 10% to 20% or higher.

Seek “Add Value” Fixer-Uppers:

Focus fix and flip purchases on properties requiring repairs/upgrades that increase value, like new kitchens/baths, expanded floorplans, or high-end finishes desirable to buyers in the target area. Avoid invasive structural problems or layout changes that may go poorly.

Fast and Well-Executed Renovations:

Renovate with speed, quality, and an eye toward current design trends that broaden a home’s appeal. Use reliable contractors with experience finishing on schedule. Project management oversight prevents time and budget overruns that shrink profit margins.

Aim for 90-day Flips Where Possible:

The quicker repaired homes hit the market, the less carrying costs eat into returns. Exceptional project execution can often produce 90-day flips. Otherwise, hold for no more than six months due to short-term loan terms.

Tips for Growing a Profitable Rental Portfolio

Steady income streams from rentals are often the main goal of real estate investors. With the right approach, strong cash flow and asset appreciation can be reliably achieved:

Target Cash Flow Positive Properties:

Acquire properties where monthly rents more than cover all foreseeable expenses by at least 100-150%. This cushion mitigates risks from occasional vacancies while compounding portfolio growth over the long run. Positive cash flow also aids wealth building through monthly principal paydowns.

Purchase in Solid Appreciation Markets:

Carefully research location fundamentals like job/population growth prospects, new businesses/developments, and average home value increase to find areas most likely to see future gains beyond cash flow. Appreciation provides additional returns over many years of buy-and-hold investing.

Use Proper Property Management:

Outsourcing day-to-day tasks helps maintain stable occupancy and collect rents on time. However, vet property managers thoroughly and still monitor their performance closely to avoid issues. Contracts should incentivize strong service. Self-management also requires more active work from investors.

Renovate Selectively to Add Value:

Minor repairs and strategic updates like new appliances boost rented units’ appeal and allow higher rents over time. Major renovations are risky if not properly managed. Consider rehab primarily for turnover periods before new leases.


By thoughtfully selecting properties, securing the best suitable loans, and implementing careful management strategies, real estate investors stand poised to thrive in the years to come. Following the guidance provided in this article sets investors up for success with both short-term fix and flips and the long-term income generation of rental property portfolios. With preparation and discipline, 2024 promises to deliver profitable results.

Remember, an experienced funding partner can also enhance your efforts. VP Capital Lending in Greenville offers streamlined approval on  fix and flip loans and rental property investment loans up to 90% LTV. For a free consultation and personalized funding options, call us today at 803-485-1080.


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